All life grows outward from that which is healthy and alive.


Any process of change and improvement, be it personal or collective, must address any unresolved need for healing. This work is not simply a one-time-only task that we can check off and then set aside and forget about; rather, healing is a continuous, ongoing approach to life.


This is a collection of ideas about what healing means, how to go about it, and why it matters.





The Paradox of Change and Acceptance




Difficult Truths About Healing

Discomfort is Not Danger

Loving Ourselves Feels Like Many Things


Somatic Trauma Healing




Embracing my own personal need for healing: Mosaic (April 2020)

Pursuing Joy in Defiance of Oppression (May 2022)

Learning to Be On My Own Side (November 2022)

Lessons about healing from unexpected places: What My Unkempt Yard Taught Me About Liberation (December 2022)