The Dangerous Ideas Vault
We wouldn't want people getting any... ideas... - every oppressor ever

What is this place?

Put simply, this is a collection of what might be considered dangerous ideas - although it's important to ask, dangerous to whom?

One of the key weapons that oppression uses to keep us subjugated is idea control. If we cannot imagine a more liberated existence, then we certainly aren't going to be spending any energy fighting for it.

The Vault is full of ideas - pertaining to imagining a better world, how systems of oppression work, how to take care of ourselves and each other. This is an arsenal of notions about collective liberation.

Credit Where Credit is Due

I want to acknowledge that these ideas are not "mine." I did not discover these things, or invent them. I've merely expressed them in my own words.

Everything in this collection builds upon the work of innumerable thinkers, writers, poets, artists, and people struggling for liberation. Anything that I share here builds upon centuries of traditions - from Black people, from Indigenous people, and from many others whose experiences of oppression I do not share.

These traditions and histories span far more contributors than I can possibly name. However, a list of my most direct inspirations and their work can be found in Starship Gender's Collected Resources.


Groups of related ideas, often with links to further reading material.

For those of us who like to open a lot of browser tabs.

Dangerous Idea Hubs


A collection of short and to the point quotations, about many things.

Dangerous Quotes


Short thoughts about various subjects.

Longer than a quote, but shorter than an essay.

Dangerous Tidbits

Essays and Blogs

My longest-form writings. Various personal experiences and musings.

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